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Our Story

We are sisters born and raised in El Salvador.  Like many families during the Civil War era, our parents migrated to Canada in search for a better future for our family.  While we physically left El Salvador, our parents made sure that our culture and flavors followed us.  While in Canada, we constantly made it a mission to search for restaurants or markets featuring fare from El Salvador.  It was not always easy; at times we would travel for more than an hour, just to be able to create the food we enjoyed eating while growing up in El Salvador.

Through the years, we have lived in various cities in Canada and the US, and continued to search for great Salvadoran food.  Along this journey, our family grew and we met new friends that shared the same passion for enjoying great Salvadoran flavors.  It was during these moments, where we realized that we enjoyed both the process of preparing and entertaining family and friends with our food.  Since 2014, El Sabrosito has been serving traditional homestyle dishes in the Bay Area.

It's plain and simple: To provide our customers with the best homestyle Salvadoran food in a clean and friendly environment.

OUR mission: